The Music of J. S. Graves

New versions of my "Song of Mary" and "Love Beyond all Telling."

08.06.2016 News

I have just uploaded additional versions of two of my choral pieces. One is a unison version of "Love Beyond all Telling" for children's choir. The other is an abridged version of my "Song of Mary" suitable for use as an anthem or communion hymn. The abridged version of the "Song of Mary" can be performed both by "weaker" choirs as well as more capable ones. Portions can be done in unison or parts, accompanied or "a cappella."  There are solos within the anthem for all voice ranges, SATB. The piece has four distinct sections which could be separated for service considerations.  Part One is the first verse of the Magnificat (in English).  Part Two is my setting of the traditional "Hail Mary" (in English).  Part Three is the second verse of the Magnificat, and Part Four is a restatement of the "Hail Mary" specifically designed for "a cappella."  The duration of all four sections together is only  about 4 1/2 minutes.


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