The Music of J. S. Graves


  • The Song of Mary (Magnificat)
  • 17.06.2018 Новости
  • I have just uploaded both a soprano version and a longer choir version of my Song of Mary (Magnificat). These versions include the traditional "Hail Mary." A full description can be found for both on my uploaded music pages.
  • New versions of my "Song of Mary" and "Love Beyond all Telling."
  • 08.06.2016 Новости
  • I have just uploaded additional versions of two of my choral pieces. One is a unison version of "Love Beyond all Telling" for children's choir. The other is an abridged version of my "Song of Mary" suitable for use as an anthem or communion hymn. The abridged version of the "Song of Mary" can be performed both by "weaker" choirs as well as more capable ones. Portions can be done in unison or parts, accompanied or "a cappella."  There are solos within the anthem for all voice ranges, SATB. The piece ...
  • A new religious song, Love Beyond All Telling
  • 18.01.2014 Новости
  • I just posted a new religious composition, Love Beyond All Telling for solo voice and piano accompaniment.   The lyrics are by my friend, Carol Siemon. You can find the lyrics on the description page for my song. Hope you enjoy.
  • My beautiful English Setter, Angel, has died!
  • 11.05.2013 Новости
  • Angel, our much loved English Setter, has died. My wife and I are devastated! She had been with us for over ten years and was the inspiration for my song, Lost Dog. How do people get through this kind of grief? Probably by writing another song. Maybe some day soon.
  • An attempt to describe my music.
  • 08.04.2013 Статья
  • I am no longer a complete rebel. I like harmonic and rhythmic complexity within reason, but the older I get, the more traditional, the more tonal I become. I have never abandoned the notion that good music must have good melody. For me, good music is lyrical and always shall be. Those who attempt to call chaotic noise music are participating in the linguistic and moral confusion of the contemporary world. I suppose it could be said that my music is some kind of a mix of neo-classicism and ...